Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl!

Not Buying CDs, 45s, cassettes or DVDs at This Time

We have started buying again — VINYL ONLY. We’re interested in blues, jazz, rock and roll, bluegrass, rockabilly, New Orleans, rap, funk, new wave/alternative, electronic, punk and soul. 1960’s – present day.

Sorry, we don’t take 45’s, 78’s, kid’s music, comedy, spoken word, classical, showtunes, big band, marching band, 50’s music ala doo-wop, Time-Life style compilations, easy listening such as Lawrence Welk, Anne Murray, Barbara Streisand, etc.

LP’s must be retail sell-able: no scratches, warps, tears, writing, moisture exposure, filmy appearance, mildew, pet or smoke smell. PLEASE DO NOT BRING LP’s OR CD’s TO THE STORE WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST. Give a call (978-462-9630) or email ( photos of the LP or CD spines so we can start the discussion.